Kate and her husband live in West Michigan with their dog, Cooper. They started the shop, Thirty9south together.

Thirty9south was founded on a simple premise: life is more enjoyable with laughter. Our goal is to deliver well-designed humor that integrates easily into daily life. We accomplish this goal by plastering puns, amusing thoughts and uninspiring quotes on the objects we use to write, drink, read, text, decorate our living spaces and do just about everything.

The creative muse behind our business is Kate, who enlivens humor with delightful hand crafted designs. The jokes (if you can call them that) come from her husband Chandler, a veritable spring of sarcasm and dry wit. Together, we hope to transform tedious tasks and everyday humdrum into enjoyable endeavors with aesthetically pleasing tools. Join us and defeat the blandness of mass-produced mediocrity. After all, laughing is better than crying unless one is causing the other.