Hi, I'm Kate. My husband, Chandler, and I proudly live in West Michigan. I went to school for journalism and I've always been a linguaphile, but after school I started exploring my artistic talents and fell in love with hand lettering, illustration and graphic design. Chandler has always loved comedy and is one of the funniest people I know – I quite literally married a joke. He's done some comedy writing and tried his hand at stand up, but his true talent is one-liners and puns.

We love working together, so when we got married we started to brainstorm ways to combine our talents. This led us to create thirty9south. Our goal is to deliver well-designed humor that integrates easily into daily life. We accomplish this goal by plastering puns, amusing thoughts and uninspiring quotes on the objects we use to write, drink, read, text, decorate our living spaces and do just about everything because life is more enjoyable with laughter!

thirty9south allows me to take the things that inspire me: language, art and design; and create something completely unexpected and hilarious. I am the creative driver behind the company and I enliven the humor with delightful, hand-crafted designs. Chandler provides the sarcasm and dry wit. Together, we hope to transform tedious tasks and everyday humdrum into enjoyable endeavors with aesthetically pleasing tools. Join us and defeat the blandness of mass-produced mediocrity. After all, laughing is better than crying unless one is causing the other.